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1  2003 is the National Day of Prayer, Fasting & Thanksgiving!


Events in the Revolutionary War-1775-1780


7  1780 News of the French Alliance received.


9  1776 John Paul Jones is appointed to command the Providence.


10 1775 Ethan Allen and the Green Mt. Boys take Fort Ticonderoga.

10 1775 The Second Continental Congress convenes.


12 1780 Charleston, So. Carolina, surrenders to the British.


15 1778 Martha Washington at Valley Forge with Washington.


22 1780 After the massacre in So. Carolina, led by Lt. Tarleton with Tory and British cavalry resistance in the south collapses.


31 1780 The British seem to be winning-but only "seem to be".  Let us not be hasty!


Events in History


1  1707 England and Scotland united under the name Great Britain.


15 1820 Birth of Florence Nightingale.

15 1918 First regular air mail service opens in the United States-between Washington and New York.


18 1804 Napoleon appointed hereditary emperor of France as Napoleon I.


22 1813 Birth of Richard Wagner, German composer of operas.

22 1819 First steamboat, the Savannah, crosses the Atlantic from Savanna to Liverpool.


24 1844 Samuel F. B. Morse sends the first telegraph message from Washington to Baltimore: "What hath God wrought?"

24 1883 Opening of the Brooklyn Bridge.


25 1787 The Constitutional Convention convened in Philadelphia.


28 1787 Benjamin Franklin took his seat at the Constitutional Convention-the last but one of the delegates now seated.

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