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Carolyn  Rayman, 9 yrs

Posted 2/05/2006 By Chaplain J. J. Deal

So refreshing.  Have recommended it to parents, not just "home schoolers", but the starving for real knowledge public schoolers!  Also, have a ministry to Internationals.  Has been very helpful.  Blessings...-


Posted 1/25/2006 By Susan

Boy!  If I keep reading, I won't get anything done today (and I have an early morning appointment tomorrow).  Your web site is great.  I'm going to refer it now to some new friends at church who have kids of school age!


Posted 5/31/2004 By Gary V

I found your web site quite interesting, and I agree that American values of GOD and STATE are going to be an age old issue throughout time, so I pray that your message with the help of God works.


Posted 04/12/2004 by Suz

A viewer sent this message to all her friends:  "Suz has sent this website recommendation to you:  I found this great website and thought I would pass it along for you to check out as well!"

.Thanks, Suz, for the compliment.

Posted 04/01/2004 by Linda L

My order arrived yesterday in excellent condition. Thank you for your promptness!


Posted 03/01/2004 by Bob E - Constitution Party - Oregon

Your book arrived and I think it is a tremendous work, a fine educational tool.


Posted 02/09/2004 by Byron K - Elementary Teacher

Thank you for typing and sending the play ahead of time by email.  I appreciate the extra effort that you put into doing this.  The kids are having a blast preparing for the play.  Have a great day.


Posted  by Dr. Peter Marshal - Peter Marshall Ministries, author of The Light and the Glory

I want to especially recommend the manual for teaching the children about the Biblical principles that are enshrined in our Constitution, and explaining it to them in ways that they can easily understand.  I would highly recommend this treatment of the Constitution for American children.  It is all the more needed today, especially in light of the fact that so many public school systems in America no longer teach the Constitution to our children.


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