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Inspirational LiteratureThe Siege of Shah Island

Price: $12.00


Teaches character and courage via a fairy tale similar to the Narnia Tales.  Published serially in The Christian Observer.  For an excerpt click on the picture to the left. 

Children - adult - paper back, 104 pages

(S & H will be added at check-out)






Mrs. David (Sandy) Sprague - Home school parent and teacher

"The Siege of Shah Island keeps children's undivided attention.  It gives a remarkably full dimension of appeal and reality to grown ups as well.  I am always looking for authors that salt the oats, that cause the children to hang on to the edge of their chairs -The Siege of Shah Island does just that."

Mrs. Marguerite Lane - Teacher, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"This is a captivating story in the tradition of C S. Lewis.  Action and suspense are enhanced by the author's charming portrayal of character.  The never-dull and timely lines of good and evil are drawn, drawing the reader into the discovery of 'who wins out.'  The appeal of this book is to grown ups as well as children."


"I like your book very, very much.  My favorite character was Betts.  I like Aryehn too."


"I like your book because you put lots of adventure in the story.  I like Dustin the dwarf.  That dwarf is the funniest dwarf.  My favorite chapter was when Betts got to the tower of dreams."

Corey Lee

"...I like adventures.  This book has lots and lots of characters and I like them all.  And especially the dwarves.  They are funny.  The dungen (sic) I like best of all in the whole book."


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