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Cumulative Change


 The Principle Approach


Do you often become discouraged because it appears that what you are doing is having little impact on our world? We want to help change things but change for the best usually comes very slowly. We keep telling ourselves that itís our duty to obey and God will "give the increase." And he does. For those of us involved with obedience to his instructions in Deuteronomy 6:6-7: These words which I command thee this day shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy sometimes seems progress is a long time coming. The following article by Dennis Tuur has been so encouraging to me that I wanted to pass it along to you. 


The law order imparted to children will determine the failure or success of society. This infrastructure may not be self-conscious on the part of parents. The instruction may simply be a series of commands or punishments but is not really an integrated program....


In the reconstruction of the life of the medieval world (500-1000 A.D.) in tens of thousands of little communities we can barely imagine what went on. (No documents.) But we know the results. Agriculture improved, new technologies were invented, capitalized and exploited, the population grew slowly, erratically, but universally leading to the progressive cultivation of the soil. 


When we look at the results of 1000's of years of Christian instruction, from 5000-10000 A.D. we begin to perceive the effect of millions and millions of seemingly infinitesimal additions of moral capital. 


From the disintegration of Rome to the Reformation Christian parents built a civilization. However erroneous in their perception of things spiritual, not to mention things scientific, they nevertheless succeeded in reshaping the history of mankind. Their ignorance did not keep them from outdistancing India, China, and the other ancient civilizations by the end of the medieval period. 


There was a cumulative effect of the vast numbers of successive additions of family capitol: agriculture, technological, educational and moral. Line upon line, precept upon precept a body of moral capitol was built up and then produced under civilization. 


The church must teach but can't live those lives out. Only we can. In the small decisions we make everyday we either add moral capital or detract moral capitol from our households. 



As we contemplate teaching (in our next article) those Four Rís of the Principle Approach it is gratifying to realize our students are developing character as well as learning to research, reason, relate, and record those things that will bring maturity to them. These in turn "add moral capital" to our culture causing the changes we so long to see. Iíve seen it happening over the last twenty years. 


Itís exciting to look back and realize just how much change for the better has happened. The "ball has started rolling" and itís picking up speed! A cumulative effect of the vast numbers of successive additions of family capitol is taking place: agricultural, technological, educational, moral, and political. Let me list a few: first, home schooling has increased so rapidly that a whole system of support has developed (legal, self-help organizations, publishing: books, magazines, catalogs. You name some). Secondly, more and more Christians are getting involved in the political system. Iím sure you know of some. If you do, so do others. I know of several whom, in my area, we have been able to help get into office. Thirdly, think of all the organizations that God has raised up to "advertise" the Christian founding of our country. How many can you name? All of these have been appearing since about 1960 and, since 1980 the change has been accelerating amazingly. 


Yes, we sometimes grow weary and wonder if the battle will ever be won. What did our Father tell us: Be not weary in well doing. Think about the article written by Dennis Tuur and all the great things God is now doing and remember how it happens:


Line upon line, precept upon precept a body of moral capitol is being built up.


 Learning Americaís Christian History-the Principle Approach

Question: What places in very ancient days are described in the Bible as having great stores of valuable minerals and/or gems? 


Answer:  Eden: Genesis 2: 11-12; Jerusalem: Chronicles 2:14; II Chronicles 3: 4-10. You may think of others.

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