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We Need Christmas



What would the world be without Christmas?  All the world needs Christmas.  Why, you ask.  I can think of a number of things but, as itís Christmas time, the thought uppermost in my mind is the need for love.  Have you ever considered that without Christ thereíd be no true love in the world?

Thatís true: Paul tells us that the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was sent because our Lord died, arose, ascended into heaven and sent the one who sheds abroad in our hearts LOVE!

Imagine a World Without Love.  Imagine waking up in the morning, looking at your husband, or child, or brother and seeing no emotion of caring, of tenderness, of appreciation on their faces.... of knowing nothing of the joy of doing because there is only duty.  Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays would be meaningless... for gifts are the fruits of love.  Suppose no love were involved in our service to God; that our obedience was motivated by sheer necessity.  What a dreary world, what a dreary existence.

But.... JOY!  There is love!  Out in the field the chorus goes up: a Savior is come... because God so loved.  There.... in a stable... a soft prayer of thanks is breathed.  The Savior is come.... because God so loved.  And here in our homes.... the making of surprises, the trimming of trees, the wrapping of gifts, and tiptoes, and secret looks: a Savior is come.... and Godís love is shed abroad in our hearts.  Christmas day.... we bow our heads before the awesomeness of love so great, so caring, so sacrificial, that it sent its dearest, most beloved into our world.  Touch the swaddling clothes.... they are wrapped about the Fatherís gift of love.  Gaze into the face of that tiny helpless infant. That sweet, new baby boy is GODíS LOVE INCARNATE!  Imagine a world without love.... and know it isnít so.... for Christmas is the celebration of Godís love gift.... and LOVE IS!



(Tune: Irish Lullaby-Over in Killarney)

Try singing along with the music as it plays.



Over in old Bethlehem

  many years ago

Mary had a little child

  and, Oh she loved him so;

She softly sang a lullaby

  to her Savior, Lord, and king:

Then He took a cross to save my soul,

  that's why this song I sing:


"Hallelujah, Jesus,

  praise the great I Am,"

"Hallelujah, Jesus,

  the sacrificial Lamb,"

"Hallelujah, Jesus,

  praise your holy name,"

"Hallelujah, Jesus

  I'm so very glad you came."


Shepherds came to worship him,

  wise men also came,

They brought their gifts of praise and gold

  In honor of his name;

From far and near men came to him 

  And they found he was The Way,

Just as wise men still seek out the Christ

  Who gave his life away.





They tell me that the Christmas tree is pagan to the core,

But I have read first Genesis and trees were made for more:

Ignoring that first testing tree consider now the ark;

He used a lot of gopher-wood e'er Noah could embark.


The oak's a favorite rendezvous for many an event:

A burying place, a remembering place, a place where angels went.

And now another testing place: Elim and the Seventy Palms-

Where Israel moaned their sad complaints instead of saying Psalms.


But trees were made for nobler things: acacia graced the tent

With walls and pillars, table, altar, the Ark of Covenant.

The years roll by, a century flies; what more is known of these?

Has God a plan yet to be seen, a purpose for the trees?


Ah, there within a stable, close beside an inn

A wooden manger Mary found to lay her baby in:

A lad who grew to work with Dad to fashion yokes of wood

Until the time He'd take our yoke to bear the load we should,


And on a tree (for our misery from sin, and hell, and strife)

The sinless Son of God was hung to raise the Tree of Life.

Now, tell me, should it not be right to celebrate with these?

And so, my friend, because of Christ, I'll honor Christmas trees.


Yes, Christmas is that time of year when we rejoice that, in the fullness of time, God sent his Son:




In the fullness of time incarnate He came-

Came Christ to a mangerís stall;

The skies burst their bounds

As the angels came down

To attend the birth of their king:

"Oh, glorious, glorious, glorious birth," 

The King of all Kings come to earth!

Merry Christmas! from our family to yours


And from me to my family: David, Doris, Daniel, Douglas, Donald, Dennis, Dale, and Deborah without whose support and help you would not have Americaís Christian History web site.

Dorothy Kreiss Robbins


(All poems are copyrighted and you may copy, right now, all you want!  You have my permission.  Itís Christmas!)

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