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A good poem is like an old friend. It warms the heart, encourages a smile, wipes a tear and reminds you about the important stuff of life. 

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Sterling Poetry for September


Patriotic Poetry about the Constitution

As we look at September’s calendar it seems God has filled it with freedom thoughts. 


First, there’s Noah and his family rejoicing that the flood has ended giving them a new start with a family that understands about obeying God and where, therefore, they can enjoy freedom in a world not yet populated with God (and man) haters.  No doubt they celebrated that day for a long time.  Perhaps that’s what Noah was doing when he drank a little too much wine one day!  (My grapes are ripe and ready for wine-making right now.)  Then, nearly 2000 years later Esther is put in place to save the Jews during their captivity in Babylon.  They still celebrate that calling those days "Purim." 


Where is Beauty - Great poetry to warm your heartIt is another September and another two thousand years have passed.  The Pilgrims have set out for this "land of the free" about which Francis Scott Key wrote in The Star Spangled Banner.  Francis Scott Key could write a song like that because we have laws based on the Ten Commandments and a Constitution ratified by the delegates in, yes, September, based on Biblical principles.  (That Constitution doesn’t work without obedience to those Ten Commandments, does it?)


When I look at the calendar and see all the amazing things having to do with God’s giving His people freedom, a feeling of awe rises out of my innermost being.  God is so good! In fact, at the 200th anniversary of that ratification day we, in my home town, had a B I G celebration.  The band played, my husband sang, the Mayor gave a speech, and I wrote a poem.


SEPTEMBER 17, 1787 


Dedicated to one of those men of sterling character, Chief Justice Roy Moore


Two hundred years ago today 

Our Founding Fathers paved the way

For government by "We the people. " 

Today we celebrate the signing 

Of the document combining 

Self-government and government by principle. 

To Franklin, to Hamilton and to Washington, 

To the Pinckneys, to Morris and to Madison 

We owe a debt of gratitude-- 

Yes , and to those who pledged their lives,

their fortunes, and their sacred honor--

To Hancock, Rodney, Sherman, Witherspoon and more, 

Who paid those vows with faith and fortitude.

Hail to the Constitution of the U.S.A. 

And to the God whose law we must obey 

And thus ensure our union’s preservation; 

Hail to the men of sterling character 

Past, present, future--you who are standing here--

Pledged to Liberty’s perpetuation. 

Let us pray : 

To God who brought us safe thus far: 

Keep safe the red, blue, white, the stripe, the star; 

Keep safe our Constitution--word and phrase;

Keep safe our liberty, our conscience, right to praise;

Keep true good men whose labors shall not fail 

To keep intact our Constitution--and prevail! 

To thee, our Constitution Maker, Keeper, praise!

To thee, our Guardian God, our thanks we raise!


Dorothy Robbins©1987

QUESTION: George Washington served both his church and our country (as a soldier, a statesman and a leader) all of his life. His was a strenuous  life from beginning to end. How did he die and how old was he when he died? .


ANSWER: George Washington died December 14, 1799 at the age of 67. It was reported by one of his physicians, Dr. Craik, that, "with a delightful smile he (said), ‘I am dying, gentlemen, but, thank God, I am not afraid to die.’" Toward the end he wanted to be alone with God for a while. His secretary was with him to the last and tells us that Washington folded "his arms decently on his breast, then breathing out, ‘Father of mercies, take me to thyself,’-he falls asleep.

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