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With Liberty & Justice for All

The Game 

Price: $12.00


Using four line poems. Children enjoy learning about the Revolutionary War aka "The War for Independence" and our Founding Fathers.  This and the following manual are tools for teaching the Christian history of the American Revolution explaining the Biblical principles our Founding Fathers followed before and during the war. The explanation of the principles help children understand how to apply Scripture to their own lives.

Two decks of cards (32 cards each)

 Book with pockets for the cards 

Thirty two poems used for the game

Paper Back

(S & H will be added at check-out)


With Liberty & Justice for All

The Manual 

Price: $10.00

May be used with the game or independently. Answers the question: "Was this war justified?  Why?  Shows how the colonists won with God's help.  

Lessons with assignments, maps, and illustrations

Also included are poems, etc. for memorization

Historical program which includes an original play - "The Boston Tea Party" 

50 pgs., comb bound - 8 x 11

(S & H will be added at check-out)


Posted 02/09/2004 by Byron K - Elementary Teacher

Thank you for typing and sending the play ahead of time by email. I appreciate the extra effort that you put into doing this. The kids are having a blast preparing for the play.  Have a great day.


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