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Grammar - Noah WebsterA Guide to Teaching Grammar Using The Principle Approach

Price: $10.00


What you don't learn in school about grammar: the value of grammar, why teach grammar?  You will love grammar after reading this important book

comb bound - 8 x 11
(S & H will be added at check-out)



Martha from Texas wrote:


             I have been reaching and acquiring materials 
  for the principle approach for the last three years, but 
  could not find anything that made it very clear.

           Your books however are an exception. You make 
  it very clear how to understand and implement the
  approach with the subjects you address, and I am
  thrilled!   It is an answer to prayer that I may gain
  insight into correlating the Bible into every subject.

             I would like to order the following:

          *You, Your child and the Constitution
          *The Governor's Story 

          A check is enclosed. Thank you so much!

Lee & Janice H.

"I must say that the boys and I really love the "Teaching Grammar ... Principle approach"; we love the Bible tied into everything we do - it feels "funny" to teach and read something with out God the main focus.

GOD, through your work, has truly blessed us."

Dale Blankenship, home schooling dad and nurse, Redding, California.

"This changed my life.  I was greatly discouraged because I couldn't see how I could be used by God with the talents I had.  When you told me the pen is mightier than the sword, when I began to realize I could serve God by writing, that encouraged me to believe I would be able to do that.  It gave me hope!"

Sunday School teacher, San Francisco, California.

"Please send me nine copies of A Guide to Teaching Grammar," the caller stated.  "And what do you plan to do with them?" the publisher asked.  "It is marvelous.  I intend using it in my Sunday School class!"

(Excerpted from History of Reformation of the 16th Century, by J. H. Merle D' Aubigne)

The Bible can be the most misunderstood book in the world without an understanding of grammar.  Considering the importance of grammar it is a crime of major proportions to deprive our children of it's understanding.

The New Testament was written in Greek.  How, then, could we read it?  It had to be translated into English.  Someone had to know Greek grammar as well as English grammar to do that!

J. H. Merle D' Aubigne tells us that, "Grammar played an important part in the Reformation."   John Reuchlin (1455-1522) needed Greek manuscripts for accurately translating Greek into English and that, as a result of the invasion of Greece by the Turks, he was providentially provided with them so that he was able to write a Greek grammar.  D' Aubigne's comment is, "this greatly facilitated the study of that language....God, whenever his plans require it, brings together in an instant, by some great catastrophe, the things which seemed destined to remain forever separated."

Posted 04/01/2004 by Linda L

My order arrived yesterday in excellent condition. Thank you for your promptness!

Posted 06/01/2006 by Connie S Williams 

I love this web site.  I will order this book on grammar later.  I know it will help me.  You are never too old I'm a grandmother.


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