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The Governorís Story

Price: $15.00


What is truly remarkable about "The Governor's Story" is it is an easy-to-read, exciting book that feels like a novel. It is a great read from an entertainment standpoint meeting the needs of the ordinary reader looking to be "swept away" for a few hours. But it also fills an important gap in American history. This is the fascinating story of the journal written by the Pilgrim's governor, lost for 80 years and recovered through the providence of God in 1897.  


Ages: teen through adult -  200 pages

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The Governorís Story A Study Guide

Price: $10.00


 Make history exciting! Solving the mystery of the lost book: what became of the Governorís book, what is the clue that led to its discovery. Children love it. You, too, will be delighted....

Comb bound for easy class room use. 
Includes 22 assignments and various maps 8Ĺ x 11.
(S & H will be added at check-out.)

Is our country a Christian nation?  Why did our Founders take such risks and make such huge sacrifices?  What moved them to greatness, stoked their inner fire, and incited an energy beyond their own to course through them? 

The answers are found in The Governorís Story.  What an excellent reason to give your budding patriot a copy of The Governorís Story along with The Study Manual and challenge your child with Bradfordís own words:

"All great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, and must be enterprised and overcome with answerable courages.  If our desires are set on the ways of God and to enjoy his ordinances, we can rest on his providence." 



Linda; California

Truly remarkable is "The Governor's Story" readability.  Here is an exciting book of history that feels like a novel.  It is a great entertainment, sweeping the reader away for a few hours.  It also fills an important gap in American history.  This is the fascinating story of the journal written by the Pilgrim's Governor William Bradford, lost for 80 years and recovered through the providence of God in 1897. 


Peggy Burgess, School Teacher for over 20 years

I just completed reading the book "The Governor's Story or The Book That Couldn't Stay Lost" by Dorothy E. Robbins.  It was an interesting account of our nations early history.  It brought our early history to life. One actually feels the experience of the events.  While Living History Parks have their place, I have not felt the providence of God being stressed.  This book not only gives an account of the beginning of our government, but how, God brought it into existence by those who had faith in their Creator.  I thoroughly recommend this book to any that have an interest in history.  I feel it would spark an interest in history if you don't already have that interest.


Dr. George Grant Ph.D., D. Lit.

Director, King's Meadow Study Center

Franklin, Tennessee

"A century ago a precious manuscript documenting a pivotal moment in our nation's founding was miraculously rediscovered.  It had been missing for more than a hundred years before that.  The log book of Governor William Bradford, detailing God's good providence in the protection of the Mayflower pioneers and the subsequent establishment of Plymouth Plantation was one of the most remarkable finds in American academic history.  The tale it tells sheds an important light on our glorious inheritance of freedom and liberty.

 "In this remarkable book, Dorothy Robbins not only tells the story of how the manuscript first came to be written, how it was lost, and how it was ultimately recovered for posterity but she also details just why this find continues to be so significant.  Just as this is a book that couldn't stay lost, this is a tale that couldn't stay untold.  Here is history at its best-the kind of history even the most jaded American will find fascinating.

 "Here is history brimming over with answers to 'Why.'   Every student of American history will find this great adventure both inspiring and enlightening.  Indeed, it should be on every library shelf and on the recommended list of every teacher in the land.  It is assuredly on mine."


Carol Walters, R.N.; California

I give it an "Outstanding!"  My husband is a Coast Guard Commander and that's the highest mark one can receive on inspections, with Excellent and Superior as the 2nd and 3rd marks.

The way the history is written is wonderful, and easily grasped or understood.   Many times I didn't want to put the book down; I just had  to find out how the book was found, and who was involved.  Now I'm reading it a second time to glean all the "golden nuggets"!

I especially enjoyed all the many interviews of Louis Robbins with Gov. Wolcott!  The book should be mandatory reading in our educational system!  I enjoyed all the scripture, Godly principles, and the display of God's providence!


Bruce Hedrick

Mrs. Robbins brings to us the story of the Bradford Manuscripts, complete with the context in which it must be viewed by the reader in order to "see' how it fits into our history. Why this most fundamental part of our history has never before been so fully explored is astonishing (an indictment about the condition of our public school system). But, thank God, it is finally here, with the story of the Mayflower and its passengers finally getting their full due. 

What is truly remarkable about "The Governor's Story" is that Mrs. Robbins filled this void in an easy-to-read, exciting book that feels like a novel. It is a great read from an entertainment standpoint meeting the needs of any ordinary reader looking to be "swept away" for a few hours. But it also fills an important gap in American history. It is my intent to keep it in my legal library for assistance in researching the early underpinnings of American jurisprudence.

Read it for fun, or read it for its rich history. But you must read it. 

For those who want a more detailed reason for reading "The Governor's Story" I would say that, contrary to progressive, contemporary liberalism, the details of history must be consulted for there to be a better tomorrow; we cannot know where we are going if we are blinded by a lost or distorted past. Yet, there is no subject suffering from a lack of context and accurate historical information more than that of America's earliest pioneers, and their intent. "The Governor's Story" fills exactly that void.

While I could truthfully heap multiple praises on this wonderful work from many angles, politically, socially, and historically, I am most compelled to mention its greatest contribution from my personal perspective: "The Governor's Story" completes and verifies, not only from a social and historical standpoint, but also from a political and legal standpoint, the original intent of our forbearers. I cannot stress enough how important this is related to an in-depth study on the macro intent of our Declaration of Independence and even our Constitution.

Anyone familiar with the study of law and jurisprudence understands the gravity of fully comprehending intent; the very essence of lawful application rests on what was originally intended from and by the Law. Thus, as we study constitutionalism, understanding intent is imperative to a full and unbiased conclusion. When you read this book you will know exactly why these remarkable pioneers made their way to the shores of North America, and what their hopes and dreams were for the future; a future that you and I am now living.



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