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The Influence of One Man

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The Influence of One Man


"The Influence of One Man" is the name of a biography of "The Father of Our Country."  It would be hard to find anyone now who would fit those names but there was a president of whom we could say his influence expanded across our country not so long ago; you are probably thinking of the same person I am.  Yes, President Ronald Reagan was a man who influenced our whole country for the better during his presidency.  One of the things he did, which is probably the best of all his acts as President, was to take on the responsibility of promoting the reading of the Bible by declaring 1983 "The Year of the Bible."1  Of course, he didnít do this alone, but, as President he was very influential in thatís being done.  In appreciation the following "Dedication" was written about him. 2

To President Ronald Reagan

In This Year of the Bible, 1983

God has used you to challenge the American People, through their representatives: To restore the original principles of our Constitutional Federalism; To be willing to curtail government spending at all levels and to be willing to assume greater responsibility, individually, at the community and state levels in providing for all necessary social programs. 

God has used you to articulate clearly for the American People the distinctions between God-less communism and individual freedom derived from God's Laws and established in our Constitution, and our need to defend these precious gifts.

God has used you to remind the American People that education is America's primary influence for determining the direction the future of our nation will take. Through the traditional family the foundations of character must be laid;

In our churches and religious institutions, the foundations of conscience must be laid; In our schools, building upon the foundations of character and conscience, curricula must be developed to produce the best educated citizens - citizens who are capable of fulfilling their individual life purposes, as well as capable of carrying on the responsibilities of Constitutional government at all levels. 

God has used you to proclaim 1983 as the Year of the Bible, indicating your awareness that only as the American People once again look to the Bible as their chart and compass for their individual lives, and as their political and economic textbook, will the new course you have set for them be accomplished, and America return to her God-appointed path. 

We pray there are enough American Christians in this land who now understand the Providential Approach to History and who have some knowledge of America's Christian History, that God will honor the program of restoration you have so courageously begun. May we all as Americans rededicate ourselves to the founding purposes of this nation so our posterity may enjoy greater liberty under Constitutional government than we have today.


God Bless and Keep You

God Save Our American Republic 


1. President Reagan also proclaimed May 5, 1983, a "National Day of Prayer", a copy of which was posted on this site here. Watch for more to be published here about our countryís past and recent history from original documents published by the Foundation for American Christian History (FACE) publishers.  Another "National Day Of Prayer" is coming up May 5, 2014.

2. The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) published the book "The Bible and the Constitution of the United States of America" Commemorating the Year of the Bible, 1983 from which the above "Dedication" was taken, undoubtedly written by either Miss Verna M. Hall or Miss Rosalie Slater, or both. These ladies were used of God to prepare the above book for printing by FACE in 1983.  It is available from FACE: Chesapeake, Virginia; 800-352-3223

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