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A Tribute to MICHAEL NEW..



There he stood among his buddies, young men from the farms and cities of America, for this was their country that was under siege.  They were there because of a cowardly attack by the enemy.  He could have been wearing the uniform of another country; he could have been serving those who were threatening the sovereignty of his country-but he was an AMERICAN soldier and would wear no uniform but his own.  For this he was treated as an enemy and before the enemy he stood: straight and tall; waiting to see what would happen; concerned only with obeying the call of his country as an American soldier.


Who was this soldier boy: Who the enemy? By whose orders was he there?



If you guessed, if you said, "This sounds like a description of Sgt. Michael New,"  you would have been partially correct. Yes, it fits a description of him but, "Hark!" the drums roll, the bugle sounds, the commanding officer calls, "Attention! Fire!" and the guns begin to bark.  Shortly our soldier boy drags himself to the doorstep of his home where he lays his head down and passes from this world.


This scene is Lexington and the day is April 19, 1775, a day of infamy for the British upon a field of blood: "a scene of murder, not of battle,"  as Wm. V. Wells reported in his biography of Samuel Adams, being the comment of those historians who recorded the event.


Our soldier boy could have been "forgiven" for what he had been doing (yes, those are the words of the king), if he would swear allegiance to Gr. Britain.  He could have been wearing the uniform of Gr. Britain that sad day on Lexington’s Green just as Michael could have just kept his mouth shut and worn the uniform of the U.N., the enemy of our sovereign nation.  But our Michael, brave man that he is, was carrying on the tradition of all true Americans.


How many more American soldiers, from Lexington to those now serving on foreign fields today, must die before the wearing of the uniform of a foreign nation becomes what it is: UNAmerican!


Thank you, Michael New!



     APRIL 19, 1775


"Oh, what a glorious morning is this!"

The fleeing statesman* cried,

Though unaware that by sunny noon

Many comrades would have died.

See, yonder through Lexington's trees

The mighty Red Coat force,

Bent on subjugating right,

Are turning history's course:

For there the militia-small in number,

Untrained, poor armed but free

Have gathered at their captain's call:

Not forced, not paid, but free!

"Do not fire a single shot,"

The captain warned his men,

"But, if they want to have a war,

"Let it here begin."




Oh, words immortal, words that ring

The Bell of Liberty throughout our land,

May we remember your fidelity

That made you one united band.

List! through the trees 'neath April's sun

Lilts Liberty's sweet song.

Oh, take your stand beside that maid

Lest she should suffer wrong.

Oh, let us, like those men of old

For Liberty ARISE!

Let us for honor, God and kin

Reclaim her sacred prize. 



©Dorothy Kreiss Robbins 1993

Author and teacher of America’s Christian History of the Constitution


* The statesman was Samuel Adams who had been commanded to leave as he was such an important leader in the battle for liberty in our country.


(If you want to know more about this brave young soldier, Michael New, go to


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